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Funny, eh!

It's a pretty funny flash IMO with some nice ideas in it :3

But I don't see anything Tourettes Syndrome related in there... That lil' T-Rex is just easily pissed off


This is the best and most fluid stick animation I've ever seen!!! Respect!

Awesome ideas, even more awesome animation, really really nice sounds! There nothing to improve in my eyes!

10/10 5/5 (i wish I could give bonus points)

It's okay...

I guess you've made this as an frame-by-frame animation (drawn every single frame by hand). At least it looks like that. If so, the quality's really nice, if not, you should add some more details. And as some other users already said, some cats don't really look like cats (more like wolves in my opinion).
Voice-acting is alright and isn't as bad as some users said in their reviews. I've heard way aweful ones.
Story is... well... you should know the things that happened before. A single fight scene of two clans without any real explanation of why they fight is a bit confusing/ too less to understand the whole thing

And about the subtitles: IT'S NOT JAPANESE, GOD DAMN IT! IT'S CHINESE!
Next time you guys should better know the difference between these two languages before you comment about it!

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it actually IS boring... was it meant like something like an experiment? Unfortunately the images you used are rather... poor...

Warll responds:

I guess you could call it an experiment, no more so then Dessert Bus though.


it's not the best engine I've seen... but it's okay. The animations for every weapon look a lil' bit weird... especially those for the 9mm and the uzi! besides you can't walk AND shoot at the same time! that would be pretty unhandy in a GTA inspired game!

epic fail...

nice try, but your trick didn't work (even with the succes chances being over 65% your "magic trick" failed...

patopop007 responds:

im sorry to tell you but the chances are 99.999999% of success. the only minuscule chance that it will fail is if the spectator has a lack of memory and forgets his card

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meh :(

unfortunately I'll have to agree with carmaster789 and Chosencyan... War just isn't Techno :(
This would fit into some kinda' battle in the future (with LOOOTS of robots, cyborgs etc.) but still it wouldn't fit perfectly to a war...
Also it would be nice in a future based shooter (like e.g. quake 4 or something) when you're in a transport or gearing up.
My review isn't meant as insult or trolling, just telling my honest opinion


did you sample "Michael (ectsoman) - Fighting The Syndicate"? (Link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/98162)
if yes, I'll still give some points for the nice guitar tunes...

Paradox1218 responds:

No, we just happened to use the same garageband track

Woah :3

This sounds great! It would defintly fit to the sequel of the game (if they'd make one XD)
But I kinda missed the loud snare drums. Apart from that this is great! Kinda gives you a feeling that you're flying in a jet or somethin :3

Box-Killa responds:

XD Glad you liked it :D

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Nice and simple design!

the armor's nice and simple design definitely gets a plus point :3
but here comes the critique ^^''
the knee protector of his/her left leg (his/her perspective) looks weird (a bit too high and too small) and his/her left foot also seems to be a tad too thin at its tip. The hands should be drawn with more detail rather than with simple sticks, but that's quite difficult to master at the beginning :3
weapon designs are alright, typically for artists who don't often draw detailed weaponry (mostly rectangular shapes and lack of detail) but that's not so important ^^

shadowthe1337 responds:

yeah, I agree with all you've said. I do usually try to draw the entire finger and any details, but just couldn't get it right in the pencil sketch, so just decided to go with that. I'll try to work on that in later pieces. and yeah, the protector is a bit small. I'm suprised that I didn't catch that! And I like to keep armor simple, as my drawings are posted life-sized, too much detail and it gets hard to figure out what's what.


As MrDonkeydong155 already said, there are quite a lot of NG users who will flame at you for your white BGs... but it's nothing of matter.
I like the arms of your machine! Keep up the nice work, eh!

shadowthe1337 responds:

Yeah, the arms are my favorite part, and I like to combine form and function. I needed something that would be unrelenting and sturdy, hence the end metal parts, but able to be manipulated into strange and wierd positions ("The better to eviscerate you, my dear!"), as it does like tourture. and taking over the worlde and the rest of the Sol system.

Alright! :3

That's some decent artwork, eh :3
I like the hairstyle, you don't see similar ones that often. the bloody eye somehow makes him look creepier.
But the neck kinda seems crooked (the line on the left of the viewer's perspective is a bit odd) and the legs are a bit too thin for his pretty masculine body. And I guess you don't like to draw hands, eh? :D I know they're complicated to draw at the beginning, but the more you practise, the better they'll become (you could start by drawing your own hands in different positions and from different perspectives).

shadowthe1337 responds:

The only reason his hands are behind his back is because he probably has something leathal hidden behind his back. but yeah, hands arn't my favorite. I'm fine with gloves and armored hands, just not normal hands. and yes, the legs are a bit off, but meh....and thanks for the drawing advice, too.

uhm... if you have questions about me just Pm me ^^

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