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Sanchez150894's News

Posted by Sanchez150894 - December 24th, 2010

I'm just posting that I'll be pretty much inactive...

Posted by Sanchez150894 - October 18th, 2010


I've got a date for monday!!! :D
but that week's gonna' be a pain in the ass with three exams, a school project and a presentation...


One of the most awesome NG users I've met in all my years here has left NG as it has disappointed her too much.
The user I speak of is ZeroInsanity

I made this post in memory of the good ol' times...

Nothing else to say, eh...

Posted by Sanchez150894 - September 20th, 2010

one of those stalking girls convinced me to a date with her... I don't know if I should be happy or scared now...
She says she would like to go to a horror film with me, but there aren't any good yet so that we have to wait till a decent one comes into the cinemas...
it all went so fast... -_-'''

New things that happened:
- I made a custom camo job for my VZ-61 Airsoft (see pic below). It now has the German Flecktarn pattern on it :3
- Still those girls stalking me... I kinda' feel like permanently getting closer to one of them

I'm only making this post because I wanted to get rid of the old one...

There's absolutely nothing new going on right now -.-'

Nothing new...

Posted by Sanchez150894 - August 22nd, 2010

Meh... I have to give the gas mask back tomorrow because my ma doesn't want it in our house -.- Well, luckily it's a store so that I can rebuy it whenever I've got the absolute permission from both parents ^^'
nonetheless I'm in a depressive mood right now T__T

I bought that gas mask today (23.08.2010) and the only thing I can say about it is that IT IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! XD It's the "Atemschutzmaske M10M" of the "Nationale Volksarmee" of the Germany after the Third Reich and before the modern Germany, called "DDR" (Deutsch Demokratische Republik, not Dance Dance Revolution!). It looks like if it was taken from a video game and it even features a small rubber pipe with which you can drink without putting the mask down! It's SO AWESOME! XD
I took a look at the details (inscriptions and imprints). They say that it has been manufactured in 1983! So it's something really antique ^^ almost a pity to use it for arisoft games...

For all you lazy guys and gals I'll just post an image of it from the Online Shop of the store I bought it at below

- - - - - [ORIGINAL POST]- - - - -

I've completed 16 whole years of existence without achieving anything really epic... (MUST... TRY... HARDER!!! D:< )

Well, at least this means that I'll be able to apply for my driver's license/permit in half a year >:D Also I now officially have the permission to buy beer and take a part time job... The first and the last points are most important for me, so I can get to some money independently of my parents now and have the full freedom of mobility on a quadbike in a year :3

Other news: School has started a long, long time ago already over here in Germany... I'm in the 11th grade now and it's even more stressing and exhausting than I've thought it could be -_-' Former classes have been split up into subject specific courses (meaning I won't have lessons together with my best buddies anymore T_T) and we also have more lessons and homework than ever before...
Another thing that makes me really nervous is, that the marks we get NOW will also be counted in at the final secondary-school examinations NEXT year... MUST... STUDY... HARDER... ugh...
The only good thing is that the tutors I've got for the last two years are pretty cool... and that's it... still haven't found any other positive things yet... meh...

Other news 2: I've really gotten into the airsoft sport as hobby :3 It's quite nice and action-filled and the best thing is that you're in the fresh air together with some of your best friends ^^
No, Airsoft is NOT about killing each other as fast and hard as possible -.- that's the worst stereotype I've ever heard about it (excepted of the rumor that murderers and homicidal maniacs once started as Airsoft players... SERIOUSLY, WTF??? -_-). In most cases we even try to avoid to pull the trigger. WE NEVER AIM FOR THE HEAD and we never bullet spam...
Well, back to the main thing: As I slowly found interest in that sport, I've gathered my equipment from various traders and now my basic combat outfit looks almost just like the modern German soldier's uniform with the original German "Flecktarn" camouflage ^^ I only spent 3,10EU for a Flecktarn hat and a Flecktarn combat field jacket. My combat boots were on sale (65EU instead of 135EU) and are manufactured by the American brand "Magnum" (I once read that they also make the official US Army Combat Boots). Now I plan to get a gasmask, a "NVA M10M" model which is still used by the czech republic as official army gasmask at now, for about 14,50EU :3 The only thing that I still would have to improve would be my Airsoft gun... (I'm using a spring action VZ-61 by Double Eagle at now... it's pretty shitty compared to the ones my friends are using...)

Other news 3: I'll have aching muscles 7 days a week now until my body gets used to it... why? I've got some fucking hardcore swimm training for about 2 hours thursdays and on saturdays and sundays I've got my advanced Kung Fu training including sword trainings... I can't really walk at now, so the best thing I can do is to sit in front of my com and to bum around -_-'

Another "Other news" thingy: I've got my first comission on DA! Yay! :D

Well, that's it for a while... I'm going to struggle through the mountain of homework and try to get the comission done now... kthxbai

16 years of existence...

Posted by Sanchez150894 - August 14th, 2010

I'm meeting up with some friends of mine to hold another airsoft tournament on the 15.08.2010 XD

This time it's in our hometown Hanover. The playgrounds is located within an old warehouse my father owns.

This is gonna' be FUN! >:3

So, all of you, have a nice day, too! ^^

Posted by Sanchez150894 - July 27th, 2010



Back again :3
ok, I'm gonna' tell ya' why I had to leave that suddenly:
A bunch of friends of mine decided to make a trip to northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) for a week and deliver some action and adrenaline filled competitions like "survive-a-day-without-anything-but-yo ur-clothes-and-a-knife", an Airsoft Team-Deathmatch, several mountain and waterfall climbings and stuff like that... well, I didn't return completely unharmed as I hoped, but it was real fun at some times ^^'

Fun moments:
- a giant spider crawled into the sleeping bag of a girl without her even noticing it
- some of my friends behaved like friggin' chimpanzees when we were climbing (including the chimp-like yelling and arm-pit scratching XD)
- really, really, really beatiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, seas and waterfalls.
- Two friends had to take a shit in the middle of the Airsoft Match XD
- Awesome breakfasts and hotels
- Lots of cute sheep (one tried to jump inside our car when we had the doors open) :3
- The time I spent with my friends :3

bad/ HORRIBLE moments:
- Our car (we drove there with a couple of cars, I was in a Mercedes Benz Vito) ran out of fuel right in the middle of nowhere in a mountain... The others were already out of sight...
- Several debris avalanches (one FUCKING right IN FRONT of our car column)
- we saw a family in their car driving off the mountain road resulting in them and their trailer rolling and overturning down a really, really high mountainside because the driver (seemed to be the father) fell asleep (it was late afternoon)... the only thing that was left was the giant gaping hole they left in the metal road barrier... bad memory... burned into mind... ugh R.I.P. T___T
- I almost slipped off the rocks while nearly reaching the top the the waterfall/ mountain at least 3 times at different locations, just like almost everyone else O___O We all were scared shitless after each slipping. A girl would almost had fell down a whole mountain if we hadn't catched her in due time...
- Some crazy ass motherf***** tried to overtake us, resulting in us almost crashing through the road barrier, too...
- A fucking truck was stuck in a mountain tunnel causing a massive traffic jam. It had to be removed with another but smaller truck by pushing it out of the tunnel with brute force (that took a real long time and we were stuck in that god damn tunnel, too, which slowly filled up with toxic exhaust gases -.-)
- a stupid idiot fell off a cliff while he was posing for the automatic release of his camera... I guess he wanted to brag with that photo afterwards... but that will never happen... R.I.P.
- when we were driving on top of the mountains at late afternoon, suddenly a friggin unbelievable thick fog appeared, making it impossible to continue driving or visually orientating yourself with your eyes... it lasted for about half an hour and most of the girls were scared shitless, cowering in the back of the cars and crying the living shit out of them. some guys went insane and wanted to go out to look after the situation. They said that they barely found the way back to the cars. and that already after only walking a few steps away... I myself think that I've might seen the shape of something creepy hushing from one car to another O__O' (the others were dead silent after I said that and were trying to hide inside the car)... But it maybe was just my imagination or a harmless animal... after the fog disappeared we tried to get away from that place as fast as we could...

I guess I still have to take a while to digest the bad memories of that trip T_T

Injuries (including mental):
- tons of scrapes and smaller wounds
- some cuts
- I somehow managed to screed my left hand palm when I nearly slipped of a giant, wet rock of a waterfall
- I had to watch 5 people loose their lives by falling down something without even having the possibility to help them T_T
- Some of my friends almost died by falling down somewhere, too T_T
- I won't go near any higher mountains for a while O_____O

P.S.: It's August already??? ugh -.- Well... at least it means that I'll have my birthday soon... Going to turn 16 this year (SO I FINALLY CAN FUCKING APPLY FOR MY DRIVERS LICENSE WITH 16,5 YEARS OF EXISTENCE)

-----[ORIGINAL POST]-----

As suddenly as I returned to NG I have to leave you again this time...

I've got some serious business to do and will even leave my home for it for a while, but yeah, I'll stay unharmed...

I'm not going to be available anywhere (including DA, NG, even my email address) for... I guess about a week. So don't worry if I don't reply to you as fast as usual...

Stay frosty!

- David

Posted by Sanchez150894 - July 20th, 2010

Ok, I decided to come back to NG since DA just disappointed me COMPLETELY -.- god darn it. I've been promised a real artist's paradise there and the only thing I got was a place even less visited and where more useless comments are being posted than on a do-it-yourself art platform...

Well, I'm back and I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience or anger I've caused with my foolish decision (especially to big-jonny-13). I really didn't know...

I'll start posting some more recent stuff in my NG art forum thread the next days. It could take a while though ^^'

Here's a link to my thread:
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/99 6878/1

Posted by Sanchez150894 - April 3rd, 2010

- - - - - [UPDATE] - - - - -

I forgot to tell ya' that I'll stop submitting all artworks of me to NG. Why? Too many trolls, too less really helpful comments, etc. Besides, lotsa' people only rate 4 or 5 because the pic contains nudity or erotic content (damn puberty horniness!). Yeah, that's right. A buddy of me and I once submitted the same picture of a pretty nude girl to the Art portal. His version had an icon cropped out of her breasts and mine had one of her face. Guess what, his version has a higher score! >:/
If you still want to see everything, just go to my Deviant Art page (link's given as website under "Contact Info"... meh, I'll just copy it here again for the lazy guys -.-)

I will still submit things here though, but only the best... So you maybe won't see any of my newer artworks for a while...

So, uh, I'll leave now... See ya' on DA. Note me there if you want ^^ Just tell me that you're from NG and I'll add ya'

- - - - - Original Post - - - - -

well... I've got nothing new or really important to post about so I'll just blatantly advertise for the Deviant Art group of my buddy XD

If you're on Deviant Art and wanna' get better known or just be in company with fellow artists to improve then join the group Below-the-Radar today! :D

Being really tired these days... not very chatty this time

Posted by Sanchez150894 - April 1st, 2010

Thank god it's over... I gotta' say that last year's prank was much better -.-

1st April is already over and the baconing continues??? WTF??? D:<

And why doesn't NGs staff make something funny of Chuck Norris??? >:(

Posted by Sanchez150894 - March 7th, 2010

I'm back! Pretty tired, but back XD
The CeBIT ended yesterday and I had to act as the security team leader for some of our stands... damn those thefts who first play like if they were going to buy something and then suddenly grab your stuff and try to run away -.- I fell asleep right after I came home...
So yeah...

And I ALMOST(!) won a tablet! Why almost? well... it was a "guess a word"-like game and the ones nearer to the stage and the ones, who can yell louder have a pretty unfair advantage... I stodd at about medium distance to the stage and someone at the front row yelled like if he has never yelled like before and so HE won it -.- Most CeBIT visitors have absolutely no usage for tablets so I'm really pissed off now, but well... I still can buy one, right? XD
But I won a 1TB external hard drive, a small mobile phone worth 60EU (not really much, but better than nothing ^^), some random software, at least 4 CD folders (those thingies where you can put really many CDs in), a USB speaker system, the game "Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.", a knife (seriously WTF???), multiple T-Shirts and pens and dozens of sweets :3